Robotech ( a anime TV series of the 1980s. The series consisted of 3 parts (Robotech:Macross, Southern Cross, and New Generation) and a all new 4th part (The Shawdow Chronicles) that is due out shortly. There was a shorter filler between the 1st and 2nd part that only aired 4 of the episodes.

Comics, video games, CDs, and games also where produced for the series.

This series is one that I really remember watching while growing up as a kid at home after school. When the games and DVDs came out I had to pick them up, since of the found memories I had of Robotech as a child.

Its a series that may not be great as others may think, but for me they were enjoyable. From time to time I do watch the episodes. True the drwaings and script may not be up todate, but it was still descent and good to watch.