It’s a yearly event in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California.

It is where people get painted, dessed up, and stand still for 90 seconds to reproduce, live, various painter’s paintings. For example, Da Vinci “Last Supper.”

There is about 60-80 old shows that are sold out to about 3000 person crowd. It takes place during Summer-Fall.

I have seen some of these live paintings and I am really impressed. I don’t think I could stay still for 90 seconds dressed up in a painting. One example is the picture above.

This is grwoing trend in my mind. There are rumors to francise this out, while those in Laguna Beach do not want to do that.

What makes something like this enjoyable? To have repeat customers, have a great word of mouth, and going on year after year? Instead of going to Art Museums, people can go see live paintings.