Paris Hilton-the Pop Diva?

This week’s issue concerns everyone’s favorite brain-dead, Billionairess-apparent Paris Hilton. On August 22nd she plans to release her new album, creatively titled Paris. Ms. Hilton is making quite a name for herself these days, and has a rather impressive resume. If I were a hiring manager and saw this hypothetical resume, I wonder if it would look something like this:

Work Experience

  • Uh, like, daddy gives me money an stuff!
  • I’m, like, a TV star. What? You haven’t seen The Simple Life?
  • I wash cars
  • I make movies–just search the internet!
  • I totally sing!

After reviewing the resume, would I take it seriously? If I were the average American, I probably would– and millions of those average Americans do. The question I pose to you, my vast audience of readers, does anyone really care? This girl has no talent, and fewer brain cells (though the opportunists that swarm around her like flies on dung seem to have something going for them). In case people have failed to notice, she already has billions of dollars within her grasp–do we need to give her more? Though, without her daddy’s little hotel chain, she would be but another unknown high school prom queen who gets tricked into taking nudie videos by an old boyfriend. Oh, I guess that happened anyway.

Does anyone really care about Paris Hilton? In a world that values the superficiality that Hilton offers, I suppose that not only the Stars Are Blind.