Though SCI-FI Channel has cancelled the long-running series “Stargae: SG-1”, the show’s producers are hard at work looking for a new outlet for the story to continue says GateWorld.”

As far as the future I can’t comment yet because nothing has been confirmed. What we want to emphasize is that the franchise is not dying. SG-1 will go on in some way. We’re just not ready to announce how” says executive producer Robert C. Cooper.

Cooper also emphasizes that “What’s most important is that fans don’t take out their frustration with Sci-Fi by not watching. In fact, what they need to do is watch both SG-1 and Atlantis LIVE and make sure the ratings stay strong. That helps prove to other outlets that might be interested in SG-1 that the show is still as strong as we think it is”.A formal announcement from the studio and the network is expected next week.