Before the last episode of the final season of Stargate SG-1 airs on the SCI FI Channel, the famous cast of the history-making television series will have already begun the production shoot for the highly anticipated new films in the franchise.

As we have reported in the past, Stargate SG-1 may be leaving television, but MGM is far from letting the successful franchise languish or die out. Fans were very upset with the SCI FI Channel’s decision to stop making new episodes after the landmark 10th straight season of the show wrapped this year. It is also nice to know that fans weren’t the only one’s upset over the announcement of the cancellation. Michael Shanks and the entire cast and crew were also a tad miffed, especially concerning the network’s timing, and the fact that they knew Sony had worked out a deal with the network in advance for a possible 11th season. The Happy 10th Anniversary cake had barely been cut and the 200th episode in the can when the word came down that the show would not have an 11th season. Shanks’ feeling on network empathy, “Yeah, there is such a thing as timing isn’t there?” was shared by us all.

As a result of the public outcry, franchise owner MGM stepped up to the plate and decided to continue the gate action with straight to DVD movies with filming on the first two (and hopefully many more) set to begin on April 15, 2007.

In an interview with, Michael Shanks, who has played Dr. Daniel Jackson for the full 10-years of the series (with one short hiatus), talked about some of the things fans can expect from the two upcoming films.

I don’t believe we are telling any tales-out-of-school when we talk about the contents of the first movie as we and many others have already reported on what its main theme would entail. That being said, Shanks revealed that the whole cast from the original series are all signed-on for both movies. Executive producer Robert C. Cooper will write and direct the first movie that “has to do with wrapping up the Ori storyline, which is the storyline that has taken prominence for the last two years of the show,” Shanks revealed. “I don’t know if [Cooper] is going to wrap it up completely or bring it to some conclusion for the sake of the fans and the franchise, to bring that epic struggle to a close.”

As far as the close of Stargate SG-1’s final season on television as a series, Michael did confirm that Amanda Tapping’s character, Col. Samantha Carter, will be crossing over to the Pegasys Galaxy, spending more time at Atlantis. Concerning Daniel Jackson, he would only say that, “something happens to Daniel that sends him on a strange journey,” Shanks said. “So that was kind of fun to play. You get to see the darker side of Daniel and play with that portion of the latter half of the season … he comes back and is kind of a villain….There is obviously more Ori and stand alone stuff,” Shanks continued. “And, at the very end of the season you kind of expect some sort of finale episode, but we did an episode that is more like a ‘bottle show’ and it has nothing to really do with the tying up of any loose ends and is actually one of these strange episodes were you get to see these characters and how they might age and grow in the future and whether or not that is how they stay is the big question mark.”

Will we ever get to see Daniel Jackson make a return visit to Atlantis?

“I think I got my tribute paid in the Pegasus project when Daniel actually got to Atlantis and ended up in a broom closet talking to a hologram, but hey, things happen…..I haven’t been spoken to about anything to do with Atlantis, so I guess Daniel will have to wait,” Shanks said laughing.

For the discussion Shanks had about movie number two, there are some spoilers given in his comments so the spoiler alert is now active. Continue reading at your own risk.

The second movie will begin its full production on June 1st of next year. Executive producer Brad Wright will scribe this one and SG-1/Atlantis director alum Martin Wood is set to helm. The storyline for this one will deal with time travel, sending the SG-1 Team to sometime in the past. “[It] has something to do with our main mustache twiddling villain Baal [Cliff Simon] doing something in the past,” Shanks said. “He basically finds a way to lift the Stargate from Earth so the Stargate Program never happens, and I imagine the characters will have to go through some process to reset the clock and fix everything.”

Michael’s complete interview, with some spoilers, can be found HERE.